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V TSIANAVAS ΑΒΕ participated in the Athinorama 2013 exhibition

Tsianavas – cold meats Karditsa

Excellent quality traditional local cold meats

Cold meats category

Karditsa’s tradition of good food and the excellent quality of the local meat were the reasons that Tsianavas family established a butcher shop and a traditional cold meat production business 20 years ago, producing a wide range of high quality and delicious sausages. Among the most famous cold meats produced in the company’s premises, which are well equipped with the latest technology, are many smoked meats such as smoked steak with pepper, smoked salami, smoked ham, smoked tenderloin made following a secret recipe with an oregano coating and the excellent cured ham with a peppery taste as well as sausages with leeks and Graviera cheese. Products: cold meats, smoked meats, ham, sausages, salami.