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As part of the Municipality of Sofades’ actions to promote tourism and to promote the products and companies from the Municipality, it participated in the 22nd International Exhibition of Food, Beverages, Machinery and Equipment DETROP 2014 between March 7 and 10 in Thessaloniki.

DETROP is the only Greek exhibition of its kind and is a particularly important step in developing an outward-looking stance for Greek companies in the food, beverage and related equipment sectors. It is the best platform for food and beverage companies to explore opportunities to promote their products through meetings with selected foreign business visitors.

The following companies promoted their products at the Municipality of Sofades stand:

  • “Kieri Pulses” Chr. Katsi,
  • “Beekeeping Greece” Konstantinos Doulias and
  • “Tsianavas”, production and marketing of cold meats

who were all satisfied with the contacts they made during the exhibition and noted that this exhibition made a decisive contribution to achieving their goals of opening up new markets and attracting new customers.

The Mayor of the Municipality of Sofades, Babis Papadopoulos, pointed out that:

“Product safety and quality are the areas that the consumer focuses on. The producers and companies from the Municipality of Sofades make excellent quality products at extremely competitive prices. It is our duty to contribute as much as possible to the search for solutions to enable the produce sector in our region to recover and to support the action taken by these companies”.

Promotion by Municipality of Sofades at the Filoxenia Exhibition

Municipality of Sofades at the 22nd International Exhibition of Food and Drinks: