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The comments on the Municipality of Sofades’ stand at the 28th International Exhibition Filoxenia in Thessaloniki, from both the organisers and the thousands of visitors who flocked to the Thessaloniki International Exhibition Centre, where highly flattering. Many of those visitors stopped at the stand, asked for information and were given answers to various questions about the municipality.

At what was agreed to be one of the most elegant and impressive stands at the exhibition, the Municipality of Sofades successfully highlighted the most important natural features in the area, promoted the vast possibilities for alternative tourist destinations in the area and also its significant productive capacity and natural wealth. But perhaps the visitors were most enthusiastic about the wide range and variety of local food products made by the companies operating in the Municipality of Sofades. In addition to leaflets, all the visitors were offered local delicacies, mainly traditional pies prepared by Cultural Associations.

The local companies and producers who participated in the Municipality of Sofades stand exhibiting their products and services were:

  • Smokovo Baths,
  • Dolopia Hotel,
  • Baths of Draniastas – Kaitsa,
  • V. Tsianavas (Production and marketing of cold meats),
  • Agroland SA – CHR. KATSI BROS (production and sale of agricultural supplies, packaging and marketing of pulses),
  • Koithas TH.- Liakopoulou E. OE (Production and marketing of alcoholic beverages),
  • K. & N. Mouliakos OE (traditional food production),
  • Prassas A. & Co. OE (aromatic – medicinal plants and herbs),
  • Alexandra Rachmani (fruits and vegetable juices),
  • K. Vissaropoulos (organic products),
  • Katsikara – Gountara A. (Oregano),
  • Beekeeping Hellas – K. Doulias (production – trade in honey, sale of beeswax products),
  • Angelos & Konstantinos Chaidas (honey production – trade),
  • Konstantinos Mallios (honey production – trade),
  • Konstantinos Karantanas (honey production – trade),
  • Chrysoula Karageorgou (Manufacture of ceramic, household and decorative items).–

The cultural associations which helped in various ways to run the stand during the four days were:

  • the Municipality of Sofades Educational Association,
  • the Smokovo Dance Club,
  • the Mataraga Cultural Association,
  • the Educational Association of Dasochori,
  • the Cultural Association of Achladia,
  • the Educational – Cultural Association of Grammatiko.